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The MotoGP World Championship riders are the first stars, but behind them there are many people using the motorbike as a work tool or as a way to enjoy, people who understand the motorbike as a way of life and keep his memory countless 'Stories on wheels'.

The MotoGP World Championship Spanish TV is broadcasting the reference in the motorcycle world, but behind the racing riders are mechanics, doctors, journalists and photographers who follow the races and thousands of people involved in organizing the Great Awards. There are postmen, delivery men and policemen working on a motorcycle most of the day, and millions of fans who follow the races with passion and dream to meet her idols.


They are the protagonists of the new series TVE documentary 'Stories on wheels', which addresses the human face of the motorcycle world with an eye toward the past, the Spanish automotive pioneers or dynasty Nieto , and another look at this, in the MotoGP World Championship or other stories of amateurs and professionals whose lives somehow revolve around a motorcycle.

The journey of 'Stories on wheels' will begin on Thursday 26 in La Primera de TVE, and after week after week, we will find stories of passion for bikes in places where the holding of a World Grand Prix.

Documentary series 48'x13 | 2008

Directed by Josep Morell/Jordi Vilar

DP and Reporter unit A: Marc Martinez Sarrado


Produced by LaQuimera for TVE

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