In the context of the serious crisis affecting the aviation sector and has been with the bankruptcy of Air Comet, this is one of the most controversial documentaries made in 2009 in Spain: The Turnaround, an observational work of four months that followed the evolution of a national airline company, which in this case had to do all possible to also overcome a serious economic crisis in Spanair.


The documentary team has full access and has continued the process of making decisions within the company at its very nerve center: the Monday meetings of directors led by its president, Ferran Soriano. This documentary allows us to get closer to operating a major airline at a time of crisis, with the backdrop of the launch of the new T1 at Barcelona airport, where the company has always placed much their hopes.

Original title El Preu de Volar

Documentary Film, 68' | 2009


A film by Andrea Ferrando, Marc Martinez & Gilbert Arroyo
Produced by Media 3.14 for Televisió de Catalunya