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When she was finally able to leave the hospital her country had been taken over by the Taliban, who had introduced rules and new laws highly unfavourable to women. With no able-bodied men left in her family who could work to support them, at the young age of 11 Nadia decided to become a boy. Creating a new identity for herself, she was able to go out and find a job and earn enough money for her and her family to survive in Taliban's Afghanistan. She had to transform herself into a man not just outside her home, but also inside. Even her mother erased her little daughter from her mind and started to live with a new son, Esmarai. The boy who used to be a girl. Nadia spent 11 years with this double identity, until four years ago when she managed to escape to Europe. Here she was finally able to recover her real identity as a woman. Nadia has now decided to go back to her old country to confront her past and her mother, who still calls her by her male name and wants her to stay in Kabul, dressed as a man again. Back to Nadia follows her on this journey back to Afghanistan for the first time as a woman.

52' | 2010


A film by Grau Serra

Director of Photography Marc Martinez Sarrado
Produced by Batabat | TVE | TVC | RAI

With the support of Casa Asia | ICIC

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