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Can you imagine how is to live in Oymyakon, Siberia, at 50 ºC below zero? Or how people of Cherrapunji in India, can survive and resist rainfall of 500 liters per square meter per day? How do they experience the passage of a hurricane in Baracoa, Cuba? Have you ever been in the hottest place on Earth?


Meteorologist Mario Picazo has an ongoing challenge: to live the extremes of weather in his own skin. Now he leaves the studio set and travels around the world where people live in a very hostile weather.

A documentary series of adventure, travel, curiosities, and some dangers, where Mario's goal always is to know and live with the inhabitants of these places with the hard and extreme weather on earth.

Watch a full episode with English subtitles 

Original title Climas Extremos

Documentary series 58'x4 | 2012


A series directed by Oriol Gispert and Mario Picazo.
Produced by La Quimera, La Lupa Produccions and Atmosferica for TVE.

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