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Peng Phan lived through the brutally repressive regime of Cambodian dictator Pol Pot, which killed up to two million people. Imprisoned by the Khmer Rouge, she came close to death but was one of just a few that managed to escape. Hundreds around her, including many children were massacred.


Haunted by her memories of child after child being murdered by the Khmer Rouge, Peng Phan decided to devote her life to Cambodias children and turn her home into an orphanage. 


By giving poor and homeless children a place to find love, solidarity, art and music, Peng Phan hopes she can build a happier future for those too young to remember the horrific and tragic history that left such deep scars on Cambodia. 


The story of Peng Phan is a tale of true heroism: strength, love and passion in the face of war and tragedy on a genocidal scale. Her glamorous memories of life as a famous movie star after the brutal Khmer Rouge years. Her hope that in sharing love, music and dance with the children of Cambodia, she can help write a better future for the history books of tomorrow.


Good luck for you everyday is the incredible story of Peng Phan.

Documentary film, 58' | 2011

A film by Raul Gallego Abellan | Marc Martinez Sarrado

Produced by On The Record | Àngel Garcia Vicente

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