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In 1941 Aribert Heim "Doctor Death" killed more than three hundred Jews in Nazi extermination camps, by administering injections of benzene in the heart and removing organs and operations without anesthesia. While committing these gruesome acts, he smiled and then kept the skulls of their victims. The Nazi hunter, do not forget or forgive the crimes committed by Nazi genocide, as Aribert Heim. Their goal: to settle their debts to justice before they die. In the story that appeared in winter 2009, on Heim's death in Egypt in 1992, the Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem does not close the four decades of research into this Nazi criminal, who is the subject of an international order for his arrest since 1962. Both German Nazi hunter as police agree that the "Dr Death" took up residence in the Spanish Mediterranean coast, specifically in Denia, a shelter for Nazi criminals after World War II.


Hunting the last Nazi. Heim tracks in Spain and unveils new hypotheses about his mysterious death. It also reveals the testimony of some neighbors, who claim to have worked directly for the SS-known genocidal when they arrived in our country. Historians, police, Nazi hunters ... are the stars of "Hunting the last Nazi", a story with a heated debate in the background. That remains the same today in Israel: the prosecution of former Nazi criminals, involved in the extermination of Jews, are animated by a desire for vengeance or justice? Uncertainty about the death of Aribert Heim continues. It's a case, used to discover in the XXI century, who chases criminals SS today, how many are still alive, and what were the failures and successes of the Nazi hunters.This film was aired in TVE on September 22th 2009.

Documentary Film, 55' | 2009


Other title: La caza del último Nazi

A film by Jordi Finestres and Grau Serra

DOP Marc M Sarrado

Produced by Batabat for TVE




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