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After fresh water, sand is the most consumed natural resource on the planet. As a logical consequence of this exploitation, sand's limited reserves are threatened today.


Sand Wars triggered by building booms, are raging everywhere in the world and 3/4 of the planet's beaches are in decline and bound to disappear, victims of erosion and - as hard it might be to comprehend - smuggling. Most of us see sand as a free material, a staple of holidays spent on the shore, in unlimited supply. Sand is everywhere around us, be it beach, desert or town. Every house, every skyscraper with a dazzling glass front, all our bridges, airports and sidewalks - are basically made of sand. We use it as well to make fiber optic cable, mobile phone components and computer chips. We even slip some into our toothpaste, our powered food, our glass of wine. But is this omnipresent material inexhaustible? Can the available quantity match an ever-increasing demand that is constantly fed by the need for human?...

  • EKO Film 2013

Best movie - Inspiration Category

  • Sishuan TV Festival 2013

Gold Panda for Best Nature & Environment Protection Award

  • Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival 2013

Golden Sun for Best documentary

  • Japan Prize NHK 2013

2nd Prize - Welfare Education Category

  • Festival du Film Vert 2014

Switzerland Greenpeace Prize

  • San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival 2014

Environment Award

  • Monte Carlo 33rd International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary

Official selection of the 10 finalist documentaries

  • Banff World Media Festival 2014

Rockie Award for Best Environmental and Wildlife Program

  • Prix Gémeaux 2014

Award for Best Documentary – Nature & Science Category

  • Blue Ocean Film Festival 2014

Nominated for Marine Science Category

  • Bristol Wildscreen Festival 2014

Nominated for Panda Awards - Environment & Conservation Category

  • Wild and Scenic Film Festival 2015

Winner: Environmental Award and Festival Honorable Mention

  • Green Me Film Festival 2015

Winner: Soil Film Award

  • FIGRA 2015

Winner: "Impact Prize" 2015

  • Cayman International Film Festival

Winner: Best Environmental Film 2015


Original title Le Sable, Enquête Sur Une Disparition

Documentary Film 74' | 2013


A France-Canada coproduction by La Compagnie des Taxi Brousse, Rappi Production, Informaction Film with the participation of Arte.


Télé Québec, RTS, A+ Finances, CNC, Government of Canada / Government of Québec, Prociprep-Angoa, Santa Aguila fondation. 


International dist. by PBS.
A film by Denis Delestrac
Director of Photography  Marc M Sarrado 


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