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Salvador Dali had an obsession for science that lasted all his life and that can be traced to his paintings, which reflect every major discovery of the 20th century. Even his signature is influenced by a scientific image.

Dalí was a compulsive reader of scientific literature, from psychoanalysis to quantum mechanics, from mathematics to genetics. Moreover, he strove all his life to meet relevant scientists (Sigmund Freud, J.D. Watson, and many others). The scientists were surprised to discover that beyond the façade of a clownish showman there was a brilliant artist with whom they could entertain meaningful discussions.

This film reveals a completely unknown aspect of one of the most important painters of 20th century and sheds new light on some of the painter’s most know masterpieces. 

Other titles Dimensió Dalí


Documentary Film 52' | 2010


A film by Susi Marquès, Eli Pons and Joan Úbeda.

Director of Photography Marc Martinez Sarrado.


Produced by Televisió de Catalunya, Media 3.14, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Univ. Ramon Llull, AVRO, TVE, YLE, RTBF, ICIC.

With support of Programme MEDIA  of the Communauté Européenne.

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